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How deeply can you say Yes?

I know you’re a careful, intentional and conscious kinda soul. You followed your intuition here. Or your heart. Or maybe both.

Fantastic. But I betcha there’s something telling you that you totally don’t need to be here. That you should “figure it out on your own”. You’re a big kid, right? All grown up.

But there’s something else telling you that this is exactly where you want to be. Because you don’t want to have to do it alone anymore.

Alone + Confused + Frustrated = Junk.

So just maybe, this is about to become the moment you decided to break up with settling and unfulfilled and struggle, and start a passionate love affair with your Courageous Heart.

{Passionate rooftop declaration of love included. ‘Cause I know you’re a sap for romance, just like me.}

I’m Heather- wild soul, passionate traveler, deep feeler, believer in divine magic, and international coach and yoga teacher who is guided by my heart.

Hafiz, and Rumi, and Rilke make me cry. I get antsy if I’m in one place for too long. I consider myself a multipassionate, have a secret wish to front a rock band, and I want to teach you how to say YES and confidently follow your heart.

You’re a romantic, right? You love to imagine how life’s plot twists might take you to unimagined heights.  Those heights are on their way. There are a variety of ways to work with me through one-on-one coaching, my signature whole-life cleanse and reboot,  or through my free monthly teleclasses. Because if I know you…

You’ve always been a little bit of a closeted rebel, trying to just be The Good and Responsible Girl. And you’ve been frustrated with it all along.

Am I right?

In truth? You want to live your way. You’ve just gotten a little too good at pretending you’re happy with status quo. But you’re really, really tired of trying to pretend you don’t want to jail break your courageous heart, run off to a cabin in the North Woods of Maine with your faithful pet, and take up a writing career, Thoreau style.

Or, maybe something different. Art. Yoga. Healing work. Sewing. Teaching.

Chances are, you’re pretty familiar with Doing the Personal Work. Because you’ve been doing it. You’ve been reading the blogs. You’ve read- or at least bought, with good intentions- many of the Go To Books.

So right now? You’re feeling me out. Subtle. Discerning. You’re pretty in tune with your intuition, and there’s something that’s telling you that you want to know more. You can feel it in your bones, but can’t put a finger on it. You’re not desperate, or flailing. That’s not like you.

But you can feel it- this adventure of yours is about to get a whole lot more fulfilling.

There’s this small but strong voice in you that knows it’s true:: when you say YES to that rebel woman, to what you’re really passionate about- it’ll change your life. Forever.

It did for these women.

Let’s get to know each other first, shall we? Start here:

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Here’s to your Courageous Heart!