A 3 part process to stop doubting & trust your heart, now::

Come in! You’ve come home…

…and this is about to become the moment you decided to start living. Really living.

This is for the passionate ones who want to trust their hearts, ignite their confidence, and live accordingly.

I’m a wild soul, traveler, deep feeler, believer in divine magic, and international yogini who is guided by the knowing of my heart. You? 

I’ll teach you how to..

Live beyond your fears.

Claim your passions.

Fall in love with your life.

Your way. With confidence.

You’ve seen her- off on adventures, fully trusting in the guidance of her heart to make the phone call, take the leap, set her own agenda, go for the relationship, ask for the raise, start the business, submit for publication, take the road trip, spend the money, set her boundaries, move across (or out of) the country, step off the committee, say YES, say NO…. 

The only way to stop watching her with envy is to become her.

I’m here to teach you how to live a Heart Centered Life:: where the dreams and truth of your heart are in the center, rather than sprinkled around the edges.

It means walking your talk, making those big decisions, axing the distractions and having the courage to say,

“YES- this is how I’m living my life. And I completely trust it.”

Through Transformational Coaching, Flow Yoga, and Chakra Energy Therapy, I’ll teach you how to live your Heart Centered Life.

Start here:

Get access to my free, three-part meditation course. You’ll release your limiting doubts to the fire, tap into wisdom you didn’t even know you had, and get crystal clear centered.

Then? I’ve put together the best resources and writing I’ve got to get you started.

Finally… When you’re ready, let’s get to know each other with a sample session and see if we’re a good fit to electrify your life and dive deep.

The Heart Centered Life. Are you Ready?


I’m so glad you’re here!