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Dammit, dammit, dammit. If I could figure out a way to get paid for every time I've heard that.... I'm not ready to start. I'm not ready for a relationship. I'm not ready to commit. I'm not ready to let go. "Why the hell not," I want to ask? "What are you waiting for?" We've [...]

When change is imminent.

A goal. I've never been particularly good at it. Generally the Universe has to give me a good smack to get me to let go, and accept that change is imminent. Ugh. Imminent. I hate that feeling. But recent years chock full of Against-My-Will changes has shown me that it isn't the actual change that's [...]

Short, sweet, and 32.

He's somewhere in the dessert, texting me from, oh I don't know, a tent? His sleeping bag? Who knows. A kindred soul. A wanderer. A seeker. "FEAR IS A LIAR." The words show up on a tiny screen. Minutes tick by and my birthday approaches.   Why are we so obsessed with birthdays, I wonder? [...]

“Female orgasm” perplexed? Mmhmm.

This post is the first in a new series exploring relationship, sexuality, and communication. It's intended to be an honest portrayal of the human experience, written from my heart, with the intention of supporting a deeper way of connecting.   We all wish the mysterious "Female Orgasm" came with an instruction manual. Men and women [...]

Buddha goes to Taco Tuesdays.

The basement of a bar on Taco Tuesday isn't generally where I would take my sixty-something year old, ex-alcoholic yoga student for a deep conversation. But, there we were. Three chicken tacos each, please. I consider him something of a Buddha. His journey of recovery lends him a seemingly impossible sparkle, and around town everyone [...]

The owls.

Calling in the dark, cold night, you remind me that you are there. When I can't see you, when you seem so far, and Out of reach You remind me: Still here, sister. Still here. Sometimes when I can't see you When I don't know how Or when Or where I start to wonder Have [...]

Sautéed sweet potatoes, an omelette, and a big cup of green tea with local, raw honey. Laundry is doing its magical thing. I even trimmed and filed my fingernails this morning. Um, yawn girl, why are you narrating a boring morning? I've been thinking a lot lately about this clumsy dance we do between Dreaming [...]

Let’s talk about your for-now job.

"I dunno, it's kind of a stupid job, I mean I do well at it, but..." Before any of us entrepreneurs/adventurers/travelers/gadget makers found our stride, we had For Now Jobs. In fact, some keep one little toe in that Other Job world, even after things really start cruising. Part time. On a consulting basis. Seasonally, [...]

"Wellllllll.... I mean I do and I don't. Money's nice but I also don't like what money does to the world..." "And really I want to SERVE the world, not get myself more wrapped up in the pursuit of money for money..." Dearest soulful healers, yoga teachers, heart-felt lovers of other heartfelt people, vagabond adventurers... [...]

Where’s the expiration date on this thing?

As per usual, The Universe has had ample surprises up its mysterious celestial sleeves for this little adventurous life of mine. And so, at 31 years young, I can look back over as many years of dreaming, visioning, and telling others what I’m going to be “when I grow up”. And BIG surprise, I’m sure: [...]

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