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How I manifested a yoga retreat, a house in the tropics, and the beginning of a singing career.

And like that, a majestic house overlooking the ocean, an adorable dog to babysit, and a rugged vehicle for adventures to the beach. Here in Costa Rica. For 5 months over the rainy season. Free. In my lap. Done deal.

And then- an incredible sister to sing with. And not just sing… fly. Together we soar, and we’re envisioning albums. Performances around Costa Rica and beyond. And she tells me: Heather, you’re the answer to my prayers. I’ve been waiting for a friend like you, a sister in my life whose heart beats with mine. 

I melted. I’ve dreamed of a singing career ever since I sang at my aunt’s wedding as a kid, but never put much thought into its actual fruition because it seemed like something that only happened if you were “discovered” at a karaoke night in Vegas.

And the cherry on top- a gorgeous oceanfront resort and an invitation to teach daily yoga at two standup paddle board/yoga retreats this summer.


I’ve never considered myself a “master manifester”. Somehow the manifestation story of vision boards and affirmations and chanting manifestation meditations never really resonated. Not because I couldn’t get into them- I’ve made some gorgeous vision boards in my time, and to be honest, the first ever visioning collage I plastered in my leather-bound journal a few years back came to full fruition. Like, in an uncanny way. Yoga. Travel. Community. Spiritual resonance. Deep magic in my clients’ lives.

Its more like… you’re sitting down with Santa and when he asks you what you want, and you’re scrunching up your forehead and saying, “Hmm. I’m actually not really sure…” 

In the moment when I’m supposed to ask for something… I don’t know what to manifest exactly.

Of course, there are the usual suspects- totally amazing and aligned clients, travel opportunities, new and deep friendships, fantastic yoga classes, delicious food, a date with Justin Timberlake (ahem), being a vessel for the divine. You know, the usual.

But I’m always a little foggy on the details. Uhhh… How exactly do I want all of this to look? Details? Places? I’m a big picture gal, people.

My plans here in Costa only took me up until May- my 30th birthday, in fact, was when my visa would run out. After that, I wasn’t sure where life would lead me- the rainy season here can be challenging, and I felt perhaps I’d be called elsewhere.

But the Universe conspired to ground me here, in the solace and quiet of the rainy season, with the promise of plenty of alone time, a guitar, my yoga mat, and the rainy beach.

In total it’s a case of not knowing what to ask for, but receiving exactly what I need- and what I didn’t know I so deeply wanted.

A songstress sister who looks straight into my heart. A solo retreat during the quietest time in this community. Building my connections in the musical and yoga world and offering retreats.

Ah, of course. Thank you, Universe, for reading the desires of my heart.

“So um, you’re telling me to just wait in not knowing and the Universe will drop magic in my lap?”

Not in so many words, but kind of.

Rather than become so attached to manifesting the minute details of exactly the life you want- the type of car, the color of the boyfriend’s eyes, the locale of the magical house- I’m rather suggesting that you focus on listening in to how you’re manifesting your magical and heart centered life now.


Are you present? Committed to listening to your intuition, living every day with your heart wide open to hear the Universe’s guidance?

Or are you stuck swirling in your mind, worrying about every detail?

And beyond presence- are you willing to let go of the details and accept that your dream life could take a hundred and eight forms that you don’t even know you should ask for?

In a sense, aspiring to be a “master manifester” is quite an ego trip. It makes the assumption that we know ALL the possible outcomes, and that now, in this moment, we’re totally equipped to choose the BEST one for us down the road. Which of course, we can then make happen.

That’s a bit cocky now, isn’t it?

And so we lose what’s here right now and turn our eyes to what’s ahead. And we ignore a lot of possibility too.

Granted, there’s a fine line between being SO present in the Now that you fail to plan anything for the future, and then on the other hand, overanalyzing every possible option you can imagine so you can plan five years from now. For us, Heart Centered Ones, I think we know which side we tend to fall on.

But I know you can walk that line, and surrender to the likelihood that there are many, many possible ways this journey could go, and the best option for you might be one you haven’t thought of yet. You can let go of the overanalyzing and open up to unknown possibilities, the kind the might surprise you because you didn’t know how to ask for them. You didn’t know you wanted to ask for them.

I mean, really- how do you ask for magic?

Like this:

Dear Universe, I surrender fully to this journey of co-creation. Though I have dreams, desires, and a beautiful vision for living my life, I also trust that when I open my heart to listen, I will be guided and fully taken care of. I commit my energy, my love, and my passion to this journey, and I believe in magic. Bring it on- my eyes, ears, and heart are open.

Give it a shot. And let me know what kinds of magic start showing up, unannounced, and unknown to you until now.

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  • Jessi Wolf April 13, 2014, 9:27 am


    Thank you SO much for this incredible (and perfectly timed) post! This weekend marks the start of my job “hunting” for my first professional teaching position – there is a huge career fair happening at the university where hundreds of principals from all over the western and south western U.S. are gathered to hire newly graduating education majors. Eek!

    I have spent the last year focusing on being present, breathing deep, regaining both my mental and physical health, and being HAPPY. The kind of happy where I can’t help but be present, where my heart sings, my smile beams, and I can feel the peaceful winds of the universe life my soul. To that end, I have been meditating, practicing yoga, dancing, and honing in on my teaching (something that provides me endless happiness and presence of mind). I have also spent the last year manifesting – not in the details, but in the big picture (just as you described). I HAVE manifested the perfect first job for me, it will be challenging, it may not look the way I expect, it may not even be located where I most greatly desire to go…but it will be the perfect first job for me – a place for me to grow, to learn, to be challenged and SUPPORTED, to deepen my love for my craft and for myself, a place where I can smile everyday from my heart and know that I am walking “the good red road” of life.

    My nerves were all a jumble yesterday as my department talked with us about all that is still to be done before I graduate, before I am “official”. But waking up to read your blog post this morning I am reminded: I have done the work, I have learned and grown, I have reflected and refocused, I have been challenged and supported (by all those in my life), I am doing the work still – there is a job with MY name on it waiting for me to find it. AND all will be well no matter what happens (this I know above and beyond anything else).

    Thank you for the reminder. I will be taking it with me to calm my nerves, deepen my breathing, and focus my heart on the truth of magic while I go career “finding”.

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