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Kat A

I’m feeling great about myself for just creating this space.

And yes, you are super sweet and I love that term of endearment but you’re so much more than sweet. You are sta-rong, my friend, and it’s never been more apparent.

Simply put, I love you. Thank you for following your Yes and helping others to find their own way there. Thank you!

– Katt Ahlstrom, Founder & Owner of Canvas Studios , Missoula, MT

Melissa GQuotation-leftIt is an honor and a joy to express my gratitude that the Universe aligned Heather and I. We were acquaintances with a common thread that caused our paths to merge on multiple occasions. Her generous spirit, kind heartedness and focused intentions on healing drew me to her and her services as a Health Coach.  The healing heart I am able to move forward with in this beautiful adventure we call life, and the personal growth that has ensued as a direct result of working with Heather is priceless.

As a  coach, she guided me through a beautiful process (albeit challenging at times) of recognizing my inner truths, personal desires and greatest fears.  Our coaching sessions helped me find the path to blessing and releasing the self-inflicted strangles that prevented my truest self from shining brightly!

Our work together ultimately empowered me to make MAJOR shifts in my life that span across personal, physical, professional and spiritual categories.

Heather has a profound way of helping one dive deep into the trenches of their inner self. My work with her took me on a journey in which the self-discovery manifested freedom and beauty and truly helped me in creating and living the life meant for me to thrive!

-Melissa Goeltz, Entrepreneur and Mother, Montana

Jennifer BHeather was amazing to work with. This was an amazing conversations with my very being. I heard my soul speak to me.

I heard the universe gently remind me that she has my back and if I let her in she can do so much more.  She really listened to my heart song.

She listened and then responded with questions that opened doors that allowed me to look in, echo into, and then step forward in. This was an amazing conversations with my very being. I heard my soul speak to me. I heard the universe gently remind me that she has my back and if I let her in she can do so much more. She is amazingly intuitive and lovingly connected. Thank you! My Heart center, thanks you!

-Jennifer Benjamin, Yoga Teacher & Studio Owner.


Quotation-leftHeather is a force to be reckoned with.

She busts through your blocks and shines light through your walls, reaching your core to inspire transformation from your heart’s very center.

All while nurturing you and making you feel safe and protected.  Working with Heather has inspired change in my life that I could not have anticipated.  Keep glowing, you magnificent Star.

-Rachel English, Squamish, BC

Beth MI was deep in the middle of some rather large and overwhelming life changes; normally, in the midst of change, I tend to turn inward and avoid outside help–feeling like I shouldn’t burden others or act dramatic. This time, I felt the distinct need to reach out, to find others who would act as sounding boards and support systems. I was worried that I was making the wrong choices. That I didn’t know how to accomplish the things I wanted to accomplish. I was majorly concerned with what others thought of me. Going to a psychiatrist was an option, but a life coach felt somehow more my speed–I wanted some guidance, some pointers, not an entire psychological evaluation. Mostly, I just felt like a coach would be a good listener.

My concerns now are much more self-focused; I’m concerned with doing the things that make me feel most like myself, so I can be more loving, more generous, more genuine for the people around me. And that doesn’t feel so much like a concern at this point–just a duty that I’m happy to work towards. I am more deliberate in my actions and my thinking, and I feel like I have daily tools that help turn me in the direction of my own personal ‘center’.

Just the other day, I was washing my face, getting ready for bed, and I suddenly thought: I’m not overwhelmed anymore.

Things are still unknown, and there are big changes coming, but it’s true: since I sought coaching, I don’t feel like a victim of my own worry any longer.

-Beth McHugh, Writer and Professor, Montana

SabrinaBQuotation-leftThere are people we encounter in life who are powerful energetic magnets because they are so in alignment with who they are and what they’re about: Heather Day is one of them.

Amidst the noise we’re surrounded with in the online world, Heather’s take on living a perfectly imperfect life is such a beacon of light to those courageous souls willing to step up and co-create this experience with the Universe. She communicates her message with clarity and with big, big heart, and more importantly, she walks the walk as she shares how she is able to return again and again to a space of compassion in all that she does in her own life and work.

My soul feels so much BRIGHTER every time I connect with her, and I’m ridiculously grateful the Universe nudged me toward this beautiful spirit and her amazing gifts.

-Sabrina Bolin, Mind Body Soul Coach at, Los Angeles, California, USA


Working with Heather is not for the faint hearted.

She makes you dive deep, ask questions like “what is my heart saying?”, “what do I really want?”, “how can I come alive to my fullest, raw and real version of myself?”. Then she helps you work with those answers, those really scary change-provoking answers!

Through the 3 months I spent with her, I was able to identify fears that were holding me back from having the community and lifestyle I wanted, and within days of that realization I found myself connecting with others more deeply, and embracing the things that really mattered to me in my days more and more.

Professionally I met goals of diversifying my yoga teaching and building a stronger private client base, which also began happening within days of coming up with that plan with her.

I went on a short trip with a good friend that I will never forget, because I was able to see how my head was getting in the way of what my heart really wanted. Heather taught me how to open to listening to my heart, which is a priceless gift which shakes me up every single day!

-Emily Buck, Yoga teacher and creative writer, Los Angeles, CA

Erin MQuotation-leftHeather hears the things that you don’t actually say. She has the special ability to decipher your true fears, concerns, desires and help you find clarity and direction in your life. Her gentle, insightful and realistic style can help anyone understand their true road-blocks and how to move past them.You can tell Heather is a free spirit with a down to Earth attitude after speaking with her for just a few moments.

Her thought provoking questions and simple but life-changing guidance makes you feel truly understood and supported.

Connecting with her doesn’t feel like work, and it’s never hard (even though she asks some tough questions); rather, it’s a relief and oh so inspiring. Every time we work together, whether it’s through a workshop, one on one coaching or in her tribe, I leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

-Erin Madore, Yogini and Coach at, Boston, Massachusetts

Toni MI was immediately drawn to Heather’s approach to wellness, yoga, and heart-centered living. Heather is an intuitive and highly skilled coach; she knows what questions to ask to get a clear idea of both where you are and what you want, and then offers suggestions for how to reconcile those two ways of being.

She is also so generous and supportive, and I left our call feeling both a deep internal shift in myself and mad gratitude for her skills.

If you visit her site and what she says hits you in all the right places, trust your gut and schedule a call with her.

-Toni McLellan, coach and creative being,

Hannah HQuotation-leftIt is an honor to work with Heather and to call her my friend! Her spirit and words continue to provide me with grounding and perspective each time I hear from her.

She is a calming and amazing guiding spirit, bringing a bright light to my life! Working with Heather always leaves me with a sense of confidence and purpose.

When I started spending time around Heather, I had just lost my father at age 21. I was emotionally all over the place, dealing with tons of grief and mixed emotions. She was a guiding light in my life, always listening and always responding with such real and vibrant answers that left me feeling grounded and calm about the chaos.

Because of her support and encouragement, I have taken many steps of pure faith in my life! I am pausing my life to take off to Costa Rica next month to participate in a yoga teacher training course! This journey I am about to embark on is not just travel or fun or education but a giant YES to self-examination, self-love and putting my life as priority. Heather has been the voice standing alongside me whispering “yes yes yes you can totally rock this!” She has been awesome and understanding at my most raw moments and I am so blessed to have her influence on my life! She empowers me to to be the beautiful woman that I am. How flipping awesome of a person does that make her?!

Without Heather, I would not be embarking on this journey to Costa Rica and without Heather I do not think I would be in a place of such self confidence and self love! I adore her straightforward attitude and honesty. I am so thankful to have such an amazing woman in my life!

-Hannah Heilicher, Yogi and Adventurer, Montana

Kat GWhen beautiful synchronicity allowed me to try out coaching with Heather my heart was full of gratitude. I have been following Heather’s journey for a while as a reader, have been inspired by her positive energy. Connecting with her during our coaching sessions I felt her radiant energy and kind-hearted spirit over the phone. The sessions were built up beautifully each step was following the other in a natural way. I left each session feeling inspired, over the moon, like I was walking on water or flying in the sky.

Heather not only provided tremendous emotional support by guiding me to get closer to my heart’s desire and true essence, but gave me wonderful homework assignments that allowed me to take my next steps while connecting my mind, body and soul in a holistic manner.

She is not only a sensitive, spiritual and loving soul, but in a sense also down-to-Earth and real with a great sense of humor. I believe that everything happens for a reason. Connecting with Heather was not different either: she played an instrumental role both in self-discovery and in bringing my own coaching practice to the next level.

I whole-heartedly recommend Heather to anyone who is looking to connect with their heart and follow their calling. Heather, I am grateful for your support: keep shining, sister!

-Kat Gal, Nomadic traveler, Holistic Health & Happiness Coach,

Quotation-leftHeather has an incredible gift for broadening the horizon of your experience, and reframing how to work with the present moment to guide you to your true purpose. She is able to take the disparate themes within your life and help paint a soul picture you did not even know you were creating. Heather identifies the dreams within you and like a true backcountry guide marks action steps you can take along the wild path.

She offers tangible life changing tools through holistic nutrition, yoga, bodywork; she also has the depth to support you through more challenging psychological and existential questions within your life. Heather combines insightful empathy with a breadth of therapeutic knowledge to allow you to access your own intuition.

She is full of light, and illuminates the spark of divinity within each of the clients she works with.

-A. Schneider, Montana

Erin SEach time I’ve spoken with Heather, I felt like I said everything I needed to AND was understood. This is a rarity for me but she gets it, and seemingly gets me. It is an unconditional support to have a coach to be your strength and hold your weakness.

I have come away from our sessions feeling loved and validated, but more importantly, empowered.

The tools that were shared with me that I took away and implemented AFTER hanging up the phone were the real treasure of being coached. I have a better awareness of where my self induced stress and anxiety come from. Having this awareness gives me the ability to tone down the stress levels and practice compassion for myself. 

-Erin Simpson, New Jersey

Quotation-leftI wasn’t exactly sure what a life coach did and how one would help me. Sometimes, when you are so depressed and unhappy, you’re not quite sure what direction to take or who to contact to help you. Now, I am so much happier and I find joy in my life everyday.

My stress level is WAY LESS. My blood pressure is now low instead of high. I am more pleasant to be around and am grateful everyday for even the simplest things.

It was the BEST experience of my life in regards to self-improvement.

Every human being would benefit from her help. She help me make a foundation for my life and taught me so many tools to make my life happier.

-D.S., Teacher, Idaho

AndreaLSince our first talk I have been able to make significant baby steps that I can tell are making a difference already. I got a great book by a favorite author of mine and I’ve tried to read at least 15 minutes a day, which often ends up being longer because I get so engaged. It really is so different from always reading my self improvement guides- in a really good way!

Your helpful ideas have also worked well for my decluttering! It’s surprising how much you can actually get done in a little bit of dedicated time. It gives me a small sense of accomplishment which helps me to continue the next day.  I’ve started getting regular exercise again and finally went to those yoga classes I’ve been meaning to attend! Things are going well!

-Andrea Lee, Teacher

Jessi CQuotation-leftJust wanted to let you know, I have officially started LIVE-INg (living in) my heart centered life. This weekend, Friday, yesterday, and today all were focused on a different part of me and honing each part to reflect my heart centered self.

Thank you for being an on-going inspiration and support in my life!

-Jessi Cadden, Teacher, California

Courtney PFirst off I wanted to say thank you! You really helped me find who I was again. I was lost, confused and more so a nervous wreck who worried about finances and my perfection.  About a year ago I discovered The Secret and really got into meditation and finding my inner peace. At the time it was magnificent and I felt amazing, but I again got invested in my school life at University and surrounded myself with stress and work 24/7.

Long story short, after graduating I moved in with my boyfriend after graduating and I’ve always been one to explore inner peace- but stop practicing once I moved in with him. I was so focused on making him happy, I forgot about myself. That was when I found your website, and ever since I’ve embraced myself! I started getting back into Buddhism and focusing on things I wanted to do and a few weeks later here I am! Back in action and loving life!

Thank you for your help- your website and story inspired me to come back to who I was! Again thank you.  I again notice the little things in life I started to ignore.

-Courtney Palmer

Quotation-leftAt first, I think I was a little concerned it was a little too ‘out there’ for me and my closed off brain. That being said, when I made the decision I fully embraced taking it seriously.

Heather has a way of really pulling out of you what at the core is holding you back, what deeper hunger is making your choices for you.

I’m actually getting more productive by focusing on one thing at a time, and I’m thinking over the deeper decision points. It wasn’t on the original goals list, but I’ve dropped 14 lbs (and I’m drinking lots of water.)

-Bill Hodge, Wilderness Steward, Tennessee

SarahHOBefore I started working with Heather, I had hit a tipping point – and not the good, productive kind. I felt out of whack mentally, physically, and spiritually. Without admitting it to myself, I was feeling like a square peg in a round hole in my profession, and this feeling of unhappiness and turbulence was affecting my every day life. My relationship with myself was suffering, and a lot of “brain space,” so to speak, was devoted to anxiety, worry, and fear. My relationship with my fiancé (then boyfriend) was also suffering, as I felt like I had little to give to my relationship.  While I had strong intuition (and some real evidence) that my current situation was not nourishing or sustainable, I lacked the courage to really acknowledge that to myself (and to my boyfriend and family) and look for ways to lead the life I wanted. That’s where Heather came in.

Even in one conversation with Heather, I experienced an incredible shift in perspective, and she gave me the courage to understand that my fear of disappointing people (my family, myself, my boss, etc.) was at the heart of my self-deception about my ability to simply keep on trucking through a work situation and lifestyle that was clearly not healthy for me.

She gave me the courage to take a leap into the unknown and squelch the Type A perfectionistic voice that favored consistency and normalcy over joy and peace.

My conversation with Heather was another tipping point – the good, productive kind – and it had a resonating, reverberating, cascade effect on my life. She was a catalyst for big life changes. After not an immoderate amount of angst -(but this time the angst was coupled with a strong sense of rightness) – I decided to leave my job. My boyfriend had proposed, and we decided that we didn’t want to spend our first year of marriage in survival mode, the mode in which we tended to exist at our boarding school job.

We’re getting married in July and have decided to spend the year exploring what makes us each the most passionate, productive, contributing, happy individuals we can be.

I’m jumping into a three-week yoga immersion, something this daily fifteen-year runner wouldn’t have fathomed a year ago. I plan on spending the year writing, exploring, working, thinking, and rewiring my brain and body for a healthier, happier path. Heather seemed to immediately understand me in the familiar way of the people who do know me best.

I’m thrilled and blessed to have taken this dive into a new life, and while it would be lie to say that I have no reservations at all, I can say, without reservation, that I know in my heart that this change is the right one. I wouldn’t be here without Heather’s help. 

-Sarah (Hoffman) Olson, now of Hood River, Oregon

Quotation-leftWorking with Heather is an intuitive experience and as a result the conversation seems to flow into exactly the places we need to uncover. Heather wasn’t afraid to challenge my beliefs (gently and honestly) and that perspective was invaluable.

After the session I felt exactly what I wanted to feel – unstuck and open to working with the beliefs that had been keeping me stuck, including ones I wasn’t even aware of until Heather and I spoke!

-Jane, Sydney, Australia

Quotation-leftThank you for being such a wonderful thinking partner for me today! You allowed me to reflect, explore and come to some tangible next steps. Thank you for allowing me to be open, honest, vulnerable, and safe. You truly have a gift.

-K.W., New York

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