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It’s time you made your desire for more into more than a pipe dream.

Why wait any longer?

The Universe is waiting for you to step up and say YES to your LIFE. Yes. The one you really want.

And your real life- the one you’re living now- is the perfect place to start.

Together, we’ll map the way. Clear out the confusion.

Let’s go.


One-Time Kickoff

One-time Kickoff Sessions

You’ve got lots of big, huge, life-shaking ideas. Too many to keep them all straight. If you’re feeling like all this bigness is calling you but isn’t your forte – you get overwhelmed by that whole Vision Board thing (because yours currently includes ALL the things), you need some clear focus and lovin’ guidance before you start.

Let me break it down for you, clear away the distractions, and help you get this show on the road.

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3 Month Intensive

3 Month Intensive

It’s a big, massive, wild world out there. Trust me. Believe me. I would know. My current neighbors hang upside down from trees and throw mangoes at my roof (at least on the good days they only throw mangoes). Every day is a new and wild adventure in navigating the wild life I have created for myself. Defining it, naming it, chasing it – all of those things took me a long time and a lot of false starts.

So I get it. You want adventure. You crave it. And you’re almost ready to tackle it. Here’s the package that’ll take you from almost to NOW.

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Want to get to know one another first?

Let's chat!  A 30 minute complimentary Intro Session- let's make sure we're a good fit.  Or maybe you want to see what other people are saying? Check it out.

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To your freedom.

You're right. There's more.
More to see, hear, taste, explore. Fine-tune your intuition & get action steps, from me to you.

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