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Short, sweet, and 32.

Fear is a liar, and there is no other place than love.He’s somewhere in the dessert, texting me from, oh I don’t know, a tent? His sleeping bag? Who knows. A kindred soul. A wanderer. A seeker.


The words show up on a tiny screen. Minutes tick by and my birthday approaches.
Why are we so obsessed with birthdays, I wonder? The passing of time, time being this arbitrary thing we’ve set to watch hands ticking, bells tolling…
I’d reached out in a moment of uncertainty, knowing that he’d understand this soul-deep, shuddering confusion. What the hell lies ahead? How is this all unfolding? Some days it feels like chaos…

“There is no other place than love.”

A deep breath. Ain’t that the truth.

We all know these things, somewhere in there. Our hearts know how to trust. Our spirits know how to have faith in the unknown, if for no other reason than this::

Up to this point? It’s all worked out.

And in so many ways I never, ever could’ve imagined. Nor could you.
Five years in Montana. A yoga certification. Starting my own business. Two years in Costa Rica. A new name. And now, finding my way in Maine. A career shift. A new yoga certification. New clients. More writing.
The tangible, outward manifestations of eternal change.
Inwardly? The change is indescribable. I’m pretty sure it can only be felt, experienced, observed…
Maybe someday, when I’m turning 92, I’ll look back and be able to tell you.
And when you’re 92, maybe you’ll be able to explain your evolution to me, too. We can drink tea, and do yoga, and go for walks, and look back with fond grins. Ah, if we only knew then…
But for now, today, instead of setting massive goals and objectives for this 32nd year? I am learning to be content with where I am, right now.
Because it’s pretty damn good, ya know? It deserves some appreciation. <3
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