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This is the beginning of everything you want it to be.

That thing. The Thing. The big, huge, I’ve dreamt about it FOREVER but haven’t done it yet Thing.

Call it Life Purpose. Call it the secret dream that only your journal and your cat know anything about. Or maybe your Mom, too.

You might not even know what it is yet.


So let’s find out, shall we?

It’s totally possible to bring that Big Mama vision to life. It is. I know it. And I want to prove it to you.

Details. Strategy. Support. The tips and experience that make the difference. The step-by-step to your Big Adventure – including everything from making your 9-5 escape plan to figuring out what Indian monkeys like for dinner, to how to keep them from stealing your passport and eleven thousand rupees while you meditate your little toosh off in the temple ruins.


I'm Heather DayHi, I’m Heather.

You need someone who gets what it’s like to want more.  Who’s got what it takes to navigate with you through this wild and wooly adventure that you’ve always craved.

You don’t need some 5-step cookie cutter approach that promises to turn you into someone else. Because duh…. you and I both know that you’re no cookie.

Somewhere in there? You’re the brave soul who craves the road less traveled, but is just a little bit scared of what that might mean. Who’s always been a little bit Outside The Box. Who KNOWS there’s more out there and who’s ready to go find it.

That’s why I do what I do: so that you can do what YOU have always wanted to do – even if you’re not quite sure what that is yet.

So who am I?

I’m a small-town Maine girl turned full time Costa Rican jungle woman, entrepreneur, and untamed traveler. I craft my life so it’s always an adventure — which, let’s be honest, means surrendering to the unpredictable, the unknown, the chaos. I ask the questions that lead me to more questions. I explore the unknown. I seek to stretch my comfort zone until it’s barely recognizable. And I guide people on the way to make their dreams into their reality, one courageous step at a time.

I’m completely in love with people who want something more and are willing to go for it. This is the magic that makes me giggle at the moon like a fool.

Because I love what life can be when you take the leap.

Because I know that if you want to create a life that’s truly adventurous, one that really only YOU can envision, it’s time for you and I to get to work.

And because nothing makes MY soul sing like watching YOUR soul sing.

Whether it’s navigating a new business, moving to the jungles of Central America, taking salsa lessons with the President, holding high tea aboard a Tall Ship, or learning to create alchemical essences made from your very own Ylang Ylang tree… or simply mustering the courage to dream really, really big, I’m here to help. It’s time to set those wild dreams free. They don’t do so well in cages.

So if you’re ready to cut all ties with “what if” and turn someday into umhowaboutNOW, check out how you and I can work together.

I’ve got my machete. Are you ready to cut this path together or what? 

You're right. There's more.
More to see, hear, taste, explore. Fine-tune your intuition & get action steps, from me to you.

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