Clarity + Action = Adventure. Download your map here:

You’ve got a craving for more.

What you need is direction, a sense of focus, and a plan to get this (hella awesome) adventure on the road.

Ahead is the beginning of everything you’ve been wondering about. Dreaming of. Thinking miiiiiiiiight be possible. Someday.

Someday is for suckers.

And that’s not you.


So here’s the creme de la creme, some resources to get your engines revved.

To inspire, incite, and excite:

A pep talk for the stuck and frustrated. For you. Just read it.

“When are you going to get serious about your life?” and other stupid questions people like asking. What’s a dreamer to do when everyone around you thinks you should snuggle yourself right into The Box?

Doubt Less. Adventure More. What to do when the doubts have you squirming.

72 alternatives to reading yet another self-help book.

On travel, road trips, and other such things:

How to road trip solo like a pro- and love it. 

First time traveler? Don’t make these mistakes. I already made ’em for you.

On money, career & adventure:

Let’s talk about your relationship to money these days. Are you guys friendly enough? Let’s bring in some more.

Success ten years down the road… or now? Don’t just dream bigger. Do it now.

Manifest some magic. Or a new career. Or more money. Or…

Adventures in Love:

Flex your courage muscles on the dating & love scene, too. Here’s how.

Ever felt like you had to choose between love and adventure? Here’s how you can have both intimacy AND adventure.

How to love a heart-centered, adventurous woman.

Let’s get to know one another.

My story? Right here. A little {about me}.

Know that you’re ready to dive in?

Let’s go! Here’s how you and I can work together.


You're right. There's more.
More to see, hear, taste, explore. Fine-tune your intuition & get action steps, from me to you.

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